WSC Presents ‘Achieving End-user Utopia’

​“Achieving End-User Utopia” is the title of a presentation given by Mike Dixon at SharePoint Saturday Boston 2014 on April 12. The presentation addresses the notion that the best way to maximize adoption and use of a SharePoint project – or any new technology initiative, for that matter — is to involve people from every Read more about WSC Presents ‘Achieving End-user Utopia’[…]

The Importance of Feedback

The quest for useful feedback is often overlooked, yet it can be crucial to the success of any new technology initiative. When asking for feedback, I’m not talking about asking one person a question or just asking it once. Be consistent. Be persistent. Be redundant. Be a pain in the—you know what —if you must. Read more about The Importance of Feedback[…]

The First Step Toward End User Utopia

​ Getting users to embrace a new way of doing things is one of the biggest challenges companies face in today’s rapid-fire high technology landscape. User adoption of new technologies and processes within existing ones is a huge management problem today, one that is often addressed in forums such as SharePoint Saturdays and even the Read more about The First Step Toward End User Utopia[…]