WSC Analytics

Know What’s Happening in Your Office 365 Tenant

Do you know what’s happening throughout your Office 365 tenant? WSC Analytics provides a snapshot that lets you get your arms around what’s going on inside your O365 tenant. These reports can be helpful anytime you’re contemplating a change in your online environment. Moving a domain? Merging two sites? Planning a migration? We can track daily activity when you’re going through a major transition. The reports can also provide useful guidance in planning and budgeting for future growth.

WSC offers Office 365 analytical services sometimes also referred to as discovery or exploratory projects.  These projects can be used as primers before doing a migration or new deployment or used as an audit to generate findings for various compliance inspectors. 

WSC Analytics generates a variety of insightful data that go far deeper than reports available natively. The complete suite of WSC Analytics services covers Office 365, Microsoft Teams, Exchange, and SharePoint to provide a comprehensive picture of a tenant and how it is being used. The complete report includes a series of “user stories,” one-on-one interviews with the people who depend on Office 365 to perform everyday tasks. Last but certainly not least, the full summary includes recommended steps to help optimize the Office 365 experience.

Legend from WSC Discovery Report

An audit is a deep dive that examines the security and compliance aspects of the tenant.  Discovery is more inventory-based and results in a list of recommended actions.  Either of these services can be targeted for specific goals, or the focus can be developed by one of our Office 365 architects.

Audits can be standard-specific like HIPAA, FDIC, ISO, etc. or could be designed to address a specific issue like “all externally shared data,” for example.

WSC Analytics reports deliver “read-only” results. No changes are made to any settings during the investigation.  The goal is to identify and report on the current state of all settings and sites within Office 365 and to create a holistic picture of what is happening.

WSC Analytics include detailed reports that cover:

  • 267 Data points in Exchange
  • 54 Aspects of the tenant’s SharePoint and Teams sites
  • More than 100 Office 365 license types. Analytics subscribers can see how many of each license type are in use, and how many unassigned licenses are available.

A dedicated Teams site is set up for each project. Results are posted in SharePoint, enabling the data to be manipulated in hundreds of ways.  

Here’s what the table of contents from a complete report looks like.

 When should you conduct an analytic assessment of your Office 365 activities? A quarterly check-up is ideal if operations are running normally. More frequent reports can be useful during migrations, acquisitions, mergers, or large-scale changes in any aspect of your Office 365 footprint. WSC Analytics offers reports in a subscription format. Each of those packages includes consulting time to help understand what is most important about your data. We’d be happy to discuss how WSC Analytics can be applied to your specific situation.