Get your IT House in Order!

The first step toward building your dream house is hiring an architect. You want someone who will incorporate everything your house needs, from a solid foundation and a design that accommodates everything you want with the critical systems, secure walls, creative, functional spaces, and features you desire. It’s the same when designing your IT systems. A good design is key to efficiency, usability and scalability.

Like your house, your IT system has a lot of moving parts that are interdependent.  They build on each other and must work together seamlessly to deliver the best overall efficiency and performance. One bad implementation can create issues throughout your IT house.

Examples of WSC Architecture Projects

Wellington Street Consulting architected a special feature in Office 365 for an insurance brokerage with clients that have HIPAA-related compliance concerns. To ensure compliance concerns met with a minimum of human intervention, WSC designed a system that automatically detects and encrypts HIPAA-related language in the company’s email. Employees can also just type  “encrypt” on the subject line. The design saves time and eliminates potential compliance hassles.

CPRM is a true 21st century company: lots of specialists on contract, lots of small clients.  That meant files in dozens of formats stored in dozens of places — a nightmare when it was time to collaborate and share. WSC consolidated  CPRM’s client files in one cloud-based SharePoint site, then architected a Microsoft Teams environment so client teams can collaborate on a variety of project files and media, no matter the source or ultimate destination. Read full case study here