Bring Your Team Together With Microsoft Teams

If you have Microsoft Office 365, you have Teams, but what does that mean to you?  

Teams is a file storage platform. It’s a way of conversing with the people you work with. It’s a way to fight the scourge that is version control. 

Teams is more than a dashboard. It’s a hub from which you can see the activities of your team, communicate with them, assign tasks, and keep a record of it all.  

Teams is the new center of gravity for Office 365

Karuana Gatimu, Microsoft

Your workplace is in a constant state of flux. You need a platform that can adapt to change. Are you hiring new employees? Do they need access to documents? Of course they do. Add new employees to Teams. Move people to different departments. Keep track of work assignments. Create internal groups within groups. You decide who has access to what and when.  

Screenshot of Teams in action.

Microsoft Teams, a chat-based collaboration tool and part of the Office 365 suite of services, enables local and remote employees to work together in a common work space, enabling co-workers to share documents, collaborate, and participate in team or one-on-one chats.  

Microsoft Teams:

  • Enables you to access Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint, OneNote, Planner, Power BI & Delve all from one central hub
  • Allows you to work in Word, Dropbox, Adobe or other applications without leaving the Teams app
  • Facilitates collaboration and transparency within your company or department, while providing security. Your information stays safe
  • Features Persistent Chat which enables you to save and reread conversations, allowing team members to enter midstream without a recap. They’ll be able to catch up on their own.

Microsoft Teams helps my team collaborate faster, easier, and more securely. I can keep track of projects at a glance. It’s a life-saver!

Bobbie Carlton, CEO Carlton PR & Marketing

What’s the best part of Microsoft Teams? If you have Office 365, you already own it. Ask Wellington Street Consulting, acknowledged experts on Teams, to help you implement Teams in your own, company-specific configuration, without disrupting your day-to-day operations.

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