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Exchange is where it all begins for anyone making the move to Office 365 and the Cloud.  Email is the backbone of most of today’s business communications.

Microsoft Exchange Server is the foundation of most corporate email systems. Exchange itself provides email, calendaring and task scheduling. And today, with the cloud-based Office 365 platform, Exchange offers so much more than that. A well-thought-out, carefully architected plan developed by Wellington Street Consulting can provide your organization with smoothly-functioning, efficient and cost-effective messaging systems.

A consulting firm that has been at the forefront of implementing Microsoft’s most innovative new technologies for more than 15 years, Wellington Street Consulting focuses exclusively on delivering the best in customized Office 365 experiences, including its closely intertwined services Teams, Exchange, Skype for Business and SharePoint.

Exchange Online Protection mail flow diagram

Exchange Online Protection mail flow diagram

Wellington Street Consulting is uniquely positioned to help with your Exchange challenges: from designing and architecting new systems to managing seamless cloud migrations, or diagnosing issues in an existing installation to improve speed and efficiency while reducing costs.

 The symptoms may be as simple as slow delivery times, dropped or missing messages, or frustrations with your internal communications. Any time you’re experiencing growth issues or going through a key organizational transition, it’s critical to re-examine your email system.Mergers, acquisitions or preparing to meet compliance regulations can present special challenges when combining different systems. Even if  you’ve been using Exchange for a long time in an on-premises or hybrid environment, a migration to an all-cloud environment is an excellent time to re-evaluate your system.There are several important reasons to do this.

A plan optimized for an on-premise server environment a decade or more ago simply isn’t practical or efficient today. The once-common practice of fudging the types of mailboxes reported to Microsoft to shave a few bucks off the bill won’t work anymore; in the online world, the types of mailboxes you use are auto-detected. That’s an argument for conducting an audit that identifies unused accounts that can be eliminated, determining whether there are accounts that should be flipped to shared mailboxes, or moved to Teams or SharePoint.

Limit spam and misdirected emails. Clean up orphan email boxes and make sure all your mailboxes are categorized, so you’ll save time and money. A well-organized and properly configured Exchange platform is critical to a smooth communications infrastructure. You need to get Exchange right — and doing that is one of Wellington Street Consulting’s core competencies. We’ve been doing Exchange projects for more than two decades. Contact us to discuss how to optimize your Exchange experience.

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