March 20, 2018


We do it differently. Wellington Street Consulting believes that employees who work with your technology should be involved in how it works. These are, after all, the people who have to use it every day. If it isn’t intuitive, if it requires time-consuming, seemingly needless repetitive work, if it results in unnecessary work, they’ll come to resent it. When you create buy-in, you create a sense of ownership. When you invite the people who must use the system to have input into how it is designed and works for them, you’ll get results. That’s why we use our own Agile-inspired methodology to design systems and workflows.

By employing this technique, we avoid the classic friction around what is in and out of scope through creating a very fluid idea of scope. If an issue arises during the project, it can be quickly addressed.

The WSC process allows us to be flexible, to adapt as your needs and priorities change, even in the middle of a project. It keeps people engaged every step of the project. That increases buy-in and engagement, and it speeds adoption.

Focus groups and feedback loops implemented throughout the project’s development ensure that when it’s time to go live, you’ve got people who can champion implementation and adoption right from the start — because they helped design it — they “own” it and have a stake in its success.

Train as you go. Many projects are run with a one-time training cycle at the tail end of the project, and that’s it. WSC incorporates training from the very beginning. After all how can you have an intelligent conversation with stakeholders about the project if they don’t have any idea what the platform is capable of? We also believe ongoing training in critical to your ongoing success.

The work isn’t done once the project is live. WSC believes that feedback and training are critical next steps to a successful, long-term project implementation. Interviews and questionnaires assess how well a project is working, whether there are issues that need to be addressed, and identify simple tweaks that will make like easier. They can also help to outline steps for your next project.

That’s what the WSC Agile process provides and the cloud demands.