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What is an Intranet, and why does your company need one? Internet expert James Robertson may have coined the most succinct answer to that question. “An Intranet is an internal website that helps employees get stuff done,” Robertson, author of Essential Intranets and two other books on Intranets, wrote.

Today, most companies already have an Intranet. But if your Intranet is more than a couple of years old, or not being updated frequently, you might be surprised to discover how the modern Intranet has evolved and at the capabilities that can be added to even the simplest site.

Does anyone use your Intranet? Can you tell?  What’s most used? What’s not used at all? Is the page layout done in a way that highlights your most popular and/or most recent content?  Is it dynamically interspersed with project work?

Wellington Street Consulting designs and builds Intranets for its clients employing SharePoint modern communication sites and a variety of relevant hub sites.  

Intranet Mind Map

With a modern Intranet you can: create links to every other page or service any employee would need to complete their daily tasks, communicate with others internally via secure chat, connect and share documents with Office 365 Teams members, and more.

For example, employees might connect with the HR department to

  • Obtain HR forms and information
  • Choose and set up healthcare enrollment
  • Submit vacation requests
  • Turn in expense vouchers and more

Your Intranet might also be used to aggregates news and alerts from across the company

  • Get news from the UK office
  • View photos from the company outing in Miami
  • Receive alerts about where to park during the repaving of the Burlington office
  • Get weather alerts, and closing updates
  • Access instructions for working remotely or from home

By adding SharePoint Hub sites to your Intranet you can display the latest news and documents from across all of the Teams each user belongs to in a single location. That enables them to identify and address high-priority items quickly.

Why use SharePoint for your Intranet site?

  • Ease of updating
  • Employ granular security
  • Delegate tasks and track the status of projects
  • Make it easier and faster for people to find what they’re looking for

A SharePoint-based Intranet simplifies many tasks, making it easier to

  • Integrate data from multiple sources in one place
  • Display chart data from Excel directly on a web page
  • Pull data from other sources, even non-Microsoft sources, to create charts, reports and dashboards
  • Create a comprehensive company directory – powered by Active Directory  – that automatically populates in relevant locations. Or ask about our proprietary directory app that lets you track people who don’t have access to your tenant.

Your Intranet provides a direct link for employees to everything that’s going on in the company. It can help to ensure that everyone in the company is on the same page, with access to current news and direct links to almost everything they might need. Your Intranet can increase efficiency, improve communications across the organization, and save you money. Are you ready to improve how your company works through a modern Intranet? Contact us to find out how easy it can be.