There’s a secret to getting the most out of your IT systems. It’s not about having the most advanced technology. It doesn’t involve having all the latest gadgets. No, the key to getting peak performance from your IT is making sure that the people who operate it are experts in what it can and cannot do. Among the mistakes WSC has most often encountered are a failure to consider the experiences of employees who were expected to use a system in the creation of that system. Just as importantly, every company needs to plan and budget for adequate, ongoing training.

WSC can help. We can develop and lead the following programs, or introduce you to our education partners with similar programs.

  • Curriculum design
  • Knowledgebase creation
  • Continuous education techniques
    • Lunch n’ learn
    • Self-help system creation


Getting the Lay of the Land

A commercial real estate broker moved its IT operations to Office 365 and consolidated all of its files in SharePoint Online. To bring employees up to speed and help everyone understand how to use the new system, Wellington Street Consulting conducted an extensive discovery process among executives and employees at all levels to determine what issues the company was experiencing and determine what content would be most useful in a training session. In a follow-up survey, more than 82% of respondents said the curriculum was helpful. The survey provided valuable data about future training needs. READ CASE STUDY HERE