CPRM Teams up with their clients


Carlton Public Relations & Marketing (CPRM), a boutique firm in Lexington, Massachusetts, catering to startups, works with clients in vastly different fields. The companies have different business models, priorities, and needs. In this fast-moving world, CPRM policies need to remain nimble and produce results without disrupting their clients’ daily lives. That issue mirrored CPRM’s internal ones as well. Since the agency staff hires marketing and public relations professionals with a variety of skills and experience, they want to maintain a flexible, collaborative workplace. At CPRM, the team regularly creates documents and shares them internally and with their clients who use Google Drive, Dropbox, Office 365, and other platforms. The agency needed a flexible and customizable way to organize their files.


After consolidating CPRM’s files from different sources into a simple SharePoint site, Wellington Street Consulting’s Senior Consultant, Mike Dixon recommended Microsoft Teams. Teams allows CPRM to share documents both internally and externally, while controlling access to sensitive material. Dixon planned exactly how he’d migrate CPRM’s data and prototyped three clients, building a spreadsheet to illustrate which components existed and which he had to build. For clients using Google Drive, Dropbox, and Stream, Dixon added tabs enabling CPRM to access them all from within Teams. The preparation paid off. The migration took three days with no down time.


CPRM now has an individual Team for each client they can manage separately and share externally with their clients. The process took planning and knowledge of CPRM’s business, but was seamless and didn’t disrupt day-to-day operations.

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