What’s New For Office 365 Users – Praise

​Are you looking to improve company morale and productivity in your office? Would you like to be able to show appreciation to employees or coworkers for their extra efforts? Recognizing staff for their contributions is a great motivator, and the new Praise feature in Delve allows you to do just that. Employees are able to more easily share their knowledge and ideas, collaborate and discover information, and compliment their coworkers for their outstanding contributions.
The Praise feature in Delve allows you to send publically viewable praise to colleagues, and also sends an email to the employee’s manager to highlight their efforts. This Praise will also appear in the employee’s profile in Delve, and the employee’s colleagues can click Like under the Praise text to increase its recognition.
As the modern workplace evolves, Office 365 is also evolving to help people collaborate, share and discover information more easily.​

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