How secure is your data on Office 365?

​Is your business storing data in the cloud? Your clients and competitors are most likely already there. What do you have that’s valuable to criminals, identity thieves and hackers? Keep in mind that hackers target large volumes of consumer data; they want credit card numbers, member numbers, names, addresses and phone numbers by the thousands. Read more about How secure is your data on Office 365?[…]

Know when you need a team

Office 365 implementations and deployments can be simple. That can also be quite daunting, depending upon the complexity of a company’s systems, or the number of generations of operating system and other components that you’re trying to advance. You need to figure out what you want to accomplish and what skill sets will be required Read more about Know when you need a team[…]

The importance of fundamentals

People get so wrapped up in fancy, super-advanced features and capabilities that they frequently overlook the power of the basic tools.  Outlook is the most powerful collaboration tool out there. Everyone has it, everyone underutilizes it.  Not knowing the basics leads to huge time consumption. For example, an employee declines a meeting because a conflict Read more about The importance of fundamentals[…]