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Making Office 365 work for you.
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We analyze your company and adapt the infrastructure to fit your needs. We recommend, refine, or thoroughly restructure your system to improve workflow and increase efficiency.

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Whether we design your system or work with an existing one, we will execute the new plan to your specifications, without disrupting day-to-day operations.

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We can transfer your system from on-premises servers to the cloud or from one cloud to another seamlessly and securely.

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A shiny new system only works if people use it. We cut through technical jargon to clarify procedures so your entire staff is on the same page, enabling you to keep up with the rapidly-evolving cloud.

About WSC

Getting the most out of your technology investments
"The most successful technology gets out of the way and helps us live our lives." - Amy Chase

Wellington Street Consulting (WSC) specializes in using their expertise in business analysis to study clients’ networks, streamline them, and optimize workflow.

WSC involves users in every stage of a new technology project and provides in-depth training for everyone. Our hands-on education program leads to higher adoption rates and accessibility, increased productivity, and better return on your investment.

Dedicated to keeping abreast of new developments in the Microsoft universe, Mike Dixon, Wellington Street Consulting Founder and CEO, founded the Boston Office 365 User Group as a way to stay on top of changes to the Microsoft suite of cloud services and share knowledge with fellow IT professionals. The group meets monthly to hear speakers, review updates and discuss new trends.

You want to do business, not waste time using outdated, overly complex, and siloed networks. WSC works with you to determine the best network for your firm or to reorganize your present one. We make IT more convenient for busy business managers by providing one-stop shopping. We design and implement networks, and teach your staff best practices. There’s no need to hire separate firms for all of these functions. We do it all!

  • Are you using your technology in the most efficient way?
    We can help you find out.

  • How does streamlining workflow increase profits?
    Ask us!

  • What language are you speaking?
    We speak tech AND English so no one’s in the dark.

  • How do we ensure the customizations we make will last?
    We teach best practices, then follow-up to be sure your staff are on board.


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